ZAO “RLS” is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and market promotion of a new models of slab CO2 lasers for different applications. Alexander Dutov, Ph.D, is General Manager of the company. The staff of company consists of the people having 12 years experience in R&D of high power industrial lasers. The officials are co-authors of more than 10 scientific papers and 7 Russian and international patents on slab lasers. Such a high scientific and technical level of staff gives a possibility to develop a new lasers in a short time.




What are a special features of ZAO “RLS”?

  • Company is unique in Russia, whose specialists have more than 12 years experience in R&D of slab CO2 lasers with output power from 100 W up to 4 kW.
  • Company, working with excitation frequency in the range of 40 MHz to 152 MHZ.
  • Company, producing the laser with electrooptical efficiency up to 17%.


In meantime “RLS” Co. has all necessary technologies to manufacture a small series of slab CO2 lasers of 200, 500 and 1000 W output power.