CO2 Investments


Over past 20 years, a group of highly-experienced engineers of Russian Laser Systems (RLS) Company, have worked to develop the most efficient CO2 Laser products, within a lower price segmet, in the market. Our CO2 Laser Systems design has been tested and proven to improve power efficiency and its productivity of any other CO2 Laser array by more than 5-10%, while consuming up to 1/4 less power than comparable systems.


At this time our CO2 Laser Systems are ready for manufacturing and distribution to its customers around the world. We are confident that the competitive cost of our CO2 Lasers Systems and the reliable operating capacities  that it provide will quickly make it a leading product in the industrial laser market.


Russian Laser Systems manufacture and technologies

We are using a vacuum, optical, high frequency and other modern technologies in manufacture of slab CO2 lasers. Now “RLS” Co. has all necessary for slab laser production. First of all the production process includes the vacuum demands. High-vacuum catalytic coating together with a dustless assembling of lasers gives a possibility to increase life-time of the devices by many times. Additionally, the use of pure laser gases together with clear technology of manufacture, vacuum exhausting and gas filling of lasers, also leads to increasing of life-time. The life-time tests of sealed-off slabs are carried out on the laboratory stands. In sealed-off models “RLS-200” and “RLS-500” there is implemented the unique coating. The powerful laser models “RLS-1000” and “RLS-3000” are provided by automatic system of laser gas refilling. The matching units between discharge plasmas and RF-generators are investigated on the laser models for different modes of operation. The resonator optics and external shaping optical schemes are studied too.



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